Myth buster: Scrunchies for Munchies

How not wear your scrunchies.

We have a lot of fashionistas that don't get it right for the first time when it comes to wearing scrunchies. A lot of beautiful women today make the same mistake once they buy these beautiful scrunchies from our store and get overtly disappointed with the purchase.

Before you become a scrunchie munchie owner, here are few things to check yes in the list.

  1. Regardless of your hair volume, are you comfortable holding a loose ponytail?

    If you said yes, you should own a scrunchie immediately. A lot of women try to use scrunchies as rubber bands or sometimes try to hold a high ponytail. You will be disappointed for the most part because scrunchies are not meant for a ponytail.

  2. Scrunchies will not hold all your hair.

    Scrunchies are perfect to hold some volume of your hair and let the other portion of your hair be free. Scrunchies can hold a bun, but they are not designed for the same. As long as you are comfortable with a loose hair bun, you should be alright.

  3. Using Scrunchies with other accessories such as hair clips or rubber bands.

    It is perfectly alright to use, in fact, a smart idea would be to use hair clips or tic tac clips with scrunchies to add some flavor to your hairstyle. A lot of women today use same colored rubber bands to camouflage it with their hair and wear a scrunchie on top. 

 How to style with scrunchies


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